Welcome! On this blog I will gradually introduce my data-centric perspective on enterprise information (eco)systems. The focus is on enterprise data and knowledge graphs from all angles and on all levels. Starting with strategic perspectives of aligning business goals with IT, over IT management and policy topics down to tactical and technical options of implementation and governance.

I have been working in this field for a long time (20+y) both from a management (large enterprise) and a consulting perspective and now needed a place to write down my insights and ideas. Over the years I have seen many organizations and got deeply convinced that the current way IT is organized, the current state of the art of building system landscapes and handling data does not work well.

Especially during the last 10 years I took a deep dive in everything (linked) data, modelling, the application of related technologies and the required governance. Over time I figured out how everything fit togther to enable a better approach in large organizations. I am running the projects and consulting business at eccenca.com, which helps me refining this, every day. To improve the state of the art I am actively contributing to the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation.

By training I am a computer scientist and an MBA. Besides, I am traveling the roads of other disciplines, like maths, physics, cognitive science, complex systems, linguistics and philosophy for decades.

Feedback via Twitter is preferred. Thank you for your interest,